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Progressive Trance

Progressive Trance – a popular subgenre of trance, in addition to uplifting trance one of the main trends of the music. It contains elements of both music trance, techno and ambient . Progressive trance is mostly maintained at a slower rate than other types of trance, usually between 130 and 138 BPM (although this is not a rule), and its sound is characterized by repetitive melodic structure.

Heyday of progressive trance accrue at the end of the 90s, when it was popularized by the legendary duo of two British DJs Sasha and John Digweed . Together they recorded compilations of the series “Northern Exposure” appointed canon of the genre, which was then developed and expanded by the famous and prestigious edition of the Global Underground . Among other DJs, having a measurable contribution to the development of progressive trance, replace Nick Warren (with Way Out West ), Dave Seaman , Anthony Pappa , Nick Muir (with whom he co-founded Digweed Bedrock ) and Breeders , was promoted by John Digweed. Since the release of the first part of “Northern Exposure”, ie the mid-90s, progressive trance continually evolved, under the premise that it is to be an innovative trend, suitable trance’owi completely new quality is calculated. According to the works described as progressive trance presented really different sonic signature. Marked by or sober and balanced style as Illuminatus – “Hope (Oliver Lieb Remix)”, or a really fast pace and high dynamic elements such as the flagship recording Breeder – “The Chain”, or, finally, mystical and introducing tribal envelope as PQM – ” You Are Sleeping “. Regardless of the most progressive trance was associated after how it was built the main theme. Well, unlike other styles, progressive never put pressure on the leading melody and exhibited her. Rarely so characteristic of trance breakdowns . The culmination of the development of this style was the moment of release of the cult EPs “Xpander EP” Sasha and mixed by the Thirteenth views compilation “Global Underground”. Style gradually began to die along with the Exodus of the biggest names in the other plane of musical expression. This process coincided with a period of prosperity and growth Coldharbour label popularity standing Zan DJ Markus Schulz . For this reason, today the most progressive trance trance songs are associated with a slower pace, a characteristic “vibrating” bassline’ie and calm, soothing melody. Exposure of the signature caused the marginalized was formerly chief of the idea of style, that is, the search for new solutions. A breath of freshness brought music released in 2005, warmly received album of Greek music Dousk, entitled “DIY”. After this, as well, and he began to seek his inspiration in progressive house , trance to progressive-sound alternative to Coldharbour are primarily Vibrasphere and musicians gathered around J00F label run by well-known DJ and producer John ’00 ‘Fleming.
In turn, among the artists representing the sonic signature of Coldharbour, apart from the Markus Schulz is mentioned Andy Moore, Niklas Harding, Elevation, Jose Amnesia and Polish duo Sonic Division.