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Euro Trance

Euro Trance, also called Hands Up is a genre of music, a dance-friendly branch of trance music with joyful and uplifting catchy melodies and heavy bass with heavy bass drums. The genre is a blend of Hard Trance and Eurodance. The genre is also called Hands Up or Commercial Trance or more commonly known hard dance. Many people associate the genre with Techno , but it is wrong. Techno is more drum based than trance, which often have more “noise” that is both computer-based and analog.

Eurotrancen emerged in the early 2000s. More and more producers latched onto the newborn style as Special D (Dennis Horstmann), Cascada (Manuel Reuter, Yann Peifer, Natalie Horler), Groove Coverage (Axel Konrad, Ole Wierk, Tobias Lammer, Suny), etc. started producing Euro Trance. Even some Eurodance groups “renewed” their greatest hits and made new Euro Trance releases.

Euro Trance is also called Hard Dance, and in some countries is more common term for the genre.

The Italian Euro Trance has some influences from the 1990s Eurodance , Italo Dance , Electro and from the commercial trance music of the early 2000s . The new German jumpstyle eurotrancen has influences from Jumpstyle music. This means that there is still a heavy base with less melodies and both bass and hi-hats are on the same beat.