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In the early ’90s, when a wave swept over Europe commercial music, house music began to change in favor of the masses. As well as in the 80’s disco club called typical music in the ’90s formed direction, whose sole purpose was to make people dance.
Club House remained house-base, but removed all discordant melody combinations, vocals become more “sweet” and “complicated” for the average listener perception of syncopation were removed. The result is an unpretentious and accessible music with a simple rhythm and simple arrangement.
Some species such music is called handbag (the name came from a kind of dance that is performed by young girls on the dance floor). The most interesting form of the club can be considered Hausa Mellow House, which uses pure relaxation bit and corresponding sounds.
Today Club House sounds on most radio stations of the world, and much success in this direction have, oddly enough, the producers from Romania and Moldova.